Tips on How to Treat Insomnia at Home

A bigger percentage of people have problems with sleep problems each night. Some thought they already need to go to a sleep doctor; some opt to ignore and live with it. But you have a choice. There are several ways to treat insomnia at home and here are some of them:

Help make your bedroom comfortable for sleeping.

Before going to sleep, make sure that your bedroom is free from clutter and noise. If the persons in the adjacent room are loud, ask them to keep silent because you are trying to sleep. Also, look into the beddings if they are clean and free from dust so your skin will not feel irritated. See if the air conditioner is functioning well and set it to your preferred temperature. More significant, keep your room dark.

Do some before-bedtime rituals to set your mind that it is time for you to sleep after.

As kids, we all know that when our moms ask us to take a bath, wear our pajamas and listen to their bedtime stories the time is near for us to sleep. Do the very same things as our moms – create some before-bedtime rituals to signal your brain that after these routines, you are soon to doze off. For instance, take a warm bath for about one to two hours to fully relax your mind and body.

Consume a slice of banana at dinner time.

One of the ways to treat insomnia at home would be to eat a banana, which has tryptophan. It is an amino acid that makes serotonin, which is a brain element that encourages sleeping. Other foods rich in tryptophan are chicken and milk (choose to drink one warm glass of milk).

Don’t drink coffee in the afternoon.

The coffee you drink in the afternoon is still active in your system; hence, it can impact the quality of your sleep. It can also make you go to the bathroom frequently at night.

Get some help from essential oils.

Apply lavender oil to your forehead and temples right before bedtime. The smell must be able to help you get to sleep. You may also think of rubbing your pillow and other beddings with jasmine essential oil. It can assist you in having a relaxing sleep. On the other hand, do you normally take a bath before deciding to doze off in bed? Try to combine five drops of lavender oil in the water. You’ll enjoy your bath, but you will take pleasure more in your sleep.

Keep your smartphone, laptop and other related gadgets in the cabinet.

You have to keep them out of your sight, or you will try to use them before bedtime, and they can substantially lessen the creation of melatonin, the hormone that is accountable for making you sleepy. The same goes with watching television before sleeping.

If after trying to do all the ways to treat insomnia at home and nothing substantial happens, what should you do? It is now time to consult a sleep doctor. You need expert guidance to stop your insomnia.